AirDesign Ride 3 Tandem


AirDesign Ride 3 Tandem


The Ride 3 is your ideal tandem wing.
Flies excellently in both the lower and upper weight range and can be flown uncompromisingly – so you have the perfect weight range. The Ride 3 M has the largest practical weight range ever (115-215 kg).

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The M size is now the standard size for most pilots.

  • If you are a heavier pilot (95kg +) or you fly the wing steadily at the upper payload area, you can consider size L.
  • Anyone who often flies tandem knows that: strong brake pressure throughout the day makes you heavy arms and shoulders. Especially here you will be thrilled, as we have reduced the brake pressure to comfortably allow long and relaxed or really many flights.
  • Finally: performance. For some, this is not a must, but the Ride 3 has brought it to the next level in terms of performance. The Ride 3 can easily compete with the current high-end EN-B solo wings.

The Ride..

The RIDE is already known for its excellent starting characteristics! These could be improved again. The Ride 3 has the best starting characteristics of all time. Easy filling of the cap without overriding the tendency. As soon as the glider is over your head, the new HLP (High-Lift-Profile) creates a constant buoyancy and you lift off with the glider immediately elegantly – even with high payload.
Brilliant handling and agility are not usually expected from a tandem, but the Ride 3 also offers that. If you want to give your passengers a bit of adrenaline – the Ride 3 is a wingover machine. Here you really experience a new level of fun and agility for a tandem.

We use a long-lasting and long-proven material mix, but we have achieved a lower screen weight through new design technologies and redesigned sizes made possible by the HLP concept.
Stability is another outstanding feature of the Ride 3. Flying is comfortable and easy. Turbulences are well damped, making the flight pleasant for the passengers.

We have developed a very simple earmuff system – no clamps, rollers or similar complicated solutions. Simply hooking the outer split-A straps to the red ball of the rocker ensures a stable and uncomplicated loss of height.
Landings have never been so effortless. The Ride 3 has incredibly good flare characteristics that allow you to land with the same comfort you would expect from a solo.

Construction & Features

  • High Lift Profile (HLP): Provides higher lift compared to standard profiles. Therefore, it is possible to load a compact sail with more weight and still have the best lift you would normally expect from a larger wing.
  • Perfect speed throughout the weight range, incredible lift and fantastic handling.
  • Compact surface design: Ensures perfect flight characteristics at low payload. Also maintains agility and stability in handling.
  • Height-adjustable brake line roller
  • Revised Trimmer System: Extremely effective, allowing excellent top speed – Acceleration up to + 11km / h with full trimmer opening.
  • Big Ears System: Split A straps and the new Spreader Ball Mount System help fix the ears. (SKS)
  • Reduced overall weight through compact dimensions and optimized internal construction using a durable, proven mix of materials make the Ride the first choice for commercial use.
  • Replaceable trimmer system
  • The new High-Lift-Profile (HLP) in combination with the compact surface design allows a larger speed range for trimmers, which can increase up to 11 km / h when the trimmers are fully opened. The screen remains extremely stable and agile.