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BDG Epic 2


The EPIC 2 is super easy on launch. It comes up smoothly and easily with no sticking points or overshooting. It’s a bit faster than the EPIC (+1km/h at trim, +3km/h top speed), and has a B/C steering system similar to the BASE 2’s. With excellent climbing behaviour and glide it’s the perfect partner for playing locally, exploring cross-country or starting out in freestyle. Fun for everyone, la dolce vita!

Perfect for site flying, XCs or first freestyle moves
Excellent safety with fun handling
Easy launch behaviour
Suitable for low-airtime pilots
B/C steering for cross country
Progressive stability = more safety

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The EPIC 2 is very safe and reassuring, accessible to low-airtime pilots but with handling and performance that experienced pilots will love.

We’ve improved the launch behaviour – the wing comes up smoothly and easily without overshooting. In flight, it’s slightly faster than its predecessor (+1km/h at trim, +3km/h top speed) and has improved glide. It’s also a great climber, especially in weak lift.

Long brake travel means you won’t accidentally stall or spin, but it is precise on the brakes with direct, playful handling. The EPIC 2 is safe and reassuring in strong air, but does not hide the bumps. With Eyes wide open safety, feedback is key. The wing tells the pilot about the conditions, and the pilot can anticipate and avoid collapses.

Like on the BASE 2, the new EPIC 2 risers have a B/C steering system for piloting the wing while pushing the bar and flying at speed.



L, M, M/L, XS, S


Dune, Forest, Ocean