Paramotor Pod



“A must for long XC flights warm and efficient.  The large cockpit offers plenty of space for instruments and storage.  It just takes a few flights to get used to the setup.”

We love these but with such low sales can’t always have one in stock.

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The GIN paramotor cocoon not only keeps you warm and comfortable, it also increases performance and is easy to use. Blaise has used this for a year now in winter and summer and it works great.


  • A buckle on the cockpit holds up the cocoon during take-off and landing
  • Adjustable straps support the weight of the cockpit and keep the instrument panel at the correct angle
  • 9L of space for flight instruments or even bivouac supplies!
  • Attaches to almost any paramotor harness and frame
  • Front mounted rescues can be used with the optional Rescue Cockpit

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