Eclipse Atom 80


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Eclipse Atom 80


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The lightest paramotor Fly Products has ever produced the innovative use of materials for construction aimed at reducing weight while maintaining a high standard of safety and reliability.

Weight 18 KG

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What We Think

One of the best and most compact paramotors available with assembly in less than 5 minutes. Clever touches like a fuel tap prevents spills or smells in your car. Simple but highly refined machine makes for ease of use and reliability.

We love the security provided by the substantial swing arm attachments and the ease of removal greatly reduces pack size.

RPM and Tachometer included usually £50.00

Propeller cover Included

Reserve Container £69.00

Travel Case £220.00

Throttle Bag £10.00

Cover £85.00

Fuel Tank Size: 10, 14, 18 liters

Travel Case

With, Without

Reserve Container

With, Without


With, Without

Throttle Cover

With, Without