Para-Streamer – Paramotor Tube Tail


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Para-Streamer – Paramotor Tube Tail



1x 30.2m long para-streamer (diameter 20cm)
1x line set with carabiner
1x drawstring with reinforced loop
1x transport bag

Extension Para-Streamer:

1x 30.2m long para-streamer (diameter 20cm)
1x fastening set (4 hooks)
1x transport bag

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The para-streamer is basically a very long tube that you pull behind you in flight.

It can be picked up in passing and pulled into the air, or unfolded in the air if you store it in the harness at take-off.

The system allows individual parts to be connected to each other so that the length is adjustable. The Paramotor Germany Para-Streamer elements are each 30.2m long, 20cm Diameter and can be connected overlapping to each other, resulting in a long tube.

In this way, depending on various factors, you can decide whether you want to use a small 30m or 60m para-streamer or whether you choose 120-150m (400-500 ft).
As a pilot, you also have the opportunity to start with one or two parts and then gradually expand your system.

In addition to the 30.2m long hose, the para streamer also contains the line set and pull system to pull the para streamer with the foot. The set consists of the lines which are hung on the para-streamer, a stainless steel carabiner, as well as the approx. 1.5m long rope with reinforced loop for easy pick-up, e.g. with the foot in the flyby.
At the connection point, a small weight of 250-500 grams (e.g. small bottle, or dry rice in a sock) is required, so that the pull rope has more distance from the cage.

The Extension Para-Streamer contains the 30.2m long Para-Streamer with a mounting set to attach it to another Para-Streamer.

A para-streamer can be extended, from a purely technical point of view, with any number of extension para-streamers.
However, it should be noted that the total weight and resistance are increasing. Flights with 120m (4x para-streamer) have already been successfully carried out.

Each para-streamer is delivered in a separate bag to facilitate storage and transport.

If the system is used in the aviation sector, the pilot/air sports equipment operator bears the sole responsibility/liction for the use and all resulting risks and damages.
It is the responsibility of the pilot/air sports equipment operator to check whether the planned use at the planned place of use is to be carried out safely and legally with the planned equipment and/or whether there are restrictions by laws, regulations, or operating instructions of the aircraft manufacturer.

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